History of Bohemia

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Europe's industrial revolution at the end of the 19th century created a boom for the piano industry in what is today known as the Czech Republic.

As early as 1871, in the picturesque city of Jihlava, Bohemia pianos were being produced in partnership with Hofmann & Czerny, an Austrian company. Consistently striving to innovate and improve -- that was and remains the hallmark of Bohemia pianos.

In 1993 the Bohemia Piano Company returned to it's roots. Once again, Bohemia Pianos is privately owned under the leadership of Stanislav Kremenak for production and Miroslav Tauchman for design and engineering.

Bohemia pianos recently expanded to include a second factory in Hradec Kralove in addition to the main factory in Jihlava. These pactories produce the full line of eleven models of upright pianos and sixx models of grand pianos -- all hand crafted with Bohemia's trademark mellow European sound set in beautiful select wood cases. To ensure first class quality -- Bohemia pianos are subject to continuous stringent quality controls during the production phase.

Chosen by pianists for their elegant sound, touch and beautiful cases, Bohemia pianos appeal to both beginners and seasoned professionals. Bohemia pianos are being enjoyed in internationally renowned concert halls, music schools, festivals, competitions and in private homes worldwide.